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Maxwell House transforms at-home coffee experience with first innovation in nearly a decade

First-to-market ‘Iced Latte with Foam’ innovation underscores Kraft Heinz’s commitment to its growing coffee portfolio

For over 130 years, Maxwell House coffee has been an approachable, consistently balanced household staple that is “good to the last drop”.

As one of last year’s fastest growing mainstream coffee brands, Maxwell House is introducing its first innovation in nearly a decade: new Iced Latte with Foam.

The unique cold-stirred foam technology provides a thick, creamy, and flavorful coffee all without the use of a café’s specialized equipment. All you need is a glass, cold water and a spoon.

While 31 percent of coffee shop beverages are served cold, only 7 percent of coffee consumed at home is iced1 due to difficulty in recreating a café-style iced latte.

Maxwell House is set to deliver on this whitespace with an option that makes it easier for everyone to make a café style iced latte at home or conveniently on the go.

“As iced beverages continue to rise in coffee shops, this opens a huge opportunity to continue the growth of cold in the coffee aisle at grocery stores,” said Sweta Kannan, Director of Marketing and Coffee Innovation at Kraft Heinz. “Our never-before-seen cold-stirred foam technology will allow coffee lovers to save the time and money of going to a coffee shop, and instead inspire them to unleash their inner barista by providing an easy-to-make café style experience with every sip in three simple steps.”

Maxwell House’s Iced Latte with Foam is the latest example of Kraft Heinz’s investment within its Coffee portfolio. Earlier this year, the Company brought IHOP Coffee to grocery shelves for the first time.

In 2024, Maxwell House will be rolling out its first rebrand in nearly 10 years as it looks to reach a younger category of coffee drinkers. In addition to updated packaging, the rebrand will include a new tagline, “Live Life to the Last Drop,” inspiring coffee drinkers to reach their max with each coffee sip.

Maxwell House Iced Latte with Foam provides a convenient option and exciting new way to pause and indulge in a delicious coffee break anytime, anywhere. Available in three delicious flavors – Vanilla, Hazelnut and Caramel – simply add the contents of an individual pouch to a glass, pour in iced water and stir to enjoy a delicious, café style latte.

The new Maxwell House Iced Latte with Foam is available at online retailers and in grocery stores nationwide for $6.99 which includes six 1 oz. sachets.

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