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Milkweed Plants for Sale

I have three common heavily fragrant blooming monarch butterfly perennial milkweed (large sizes) for only $10.00. Limited to 2 lots of 3. Includes compost soil in bag or box with them.

These need compost soil mixed with your soil and tap roots planted intact with plant. Planting milkweed you need to handle tap root with extra care. Water every day for 20 days after planting in the back or along side of property. Not good for feature gardens unless everything is for the butterflies and caterpillars to eat. This is the monarch caterpillar’s primary food, and the butterflies lay their eggs under the leaves. If you enjoy raising monarch’s and releasing them, this is the plant you need. The flowers provide nectar for hummingbirds and a variety of butterflies. This will spread for you and they do turn brown near the end of the summer.

Please call 10AM – 6PM:  973-927-2289 (landline, do not text).

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