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Native Milkweed and Organic Black Gold Compost for sale in Succasunna

In Succasunna, buy 6, get 1 FREE Monarch Host Native Milkweed AND Organic Black Gold compost all for $30.  I dig all for you and include TAP ROOTS for fast growth. Native to Northeast USA. Plant in a sunny area with partial shade. This Milkweed will spread in coming years. Attracts many hummingbirds, butterflies and pollinators to the milkweed flowers! Flower clusters make seed pods to share. Milkweed plants are the only host plant for Monarch baby caterpillars to live on that later turn into Monarch butterflies. Grows 3 feet up to 4 feet tall. Flowering now. Has the most beautifully scented vanilla Hyacinth-fragranced flower clusters! Plant as soon as you get home and water daily for 5 weeks. Please call 10 AM TO 6 PM at 973-927-2289.

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