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New Jersey ranks 4th in 2023 Happy Eating rating

NEW JERSEY – The 2023 Happy Eating rating is out, and New Jersey takes 4th place as one of the happiest eating states in the country.

The newly released rating, based on 11 essential criteria, sheds light on New Jerseyans’ dietary choices and their correlation with overall happiness.

The Happy Eating rating examines factors such as healthy eating habits, popular diets, fast food consumption, grocery spending, eating-out preferences, alcohol intake, and fruit and vegetable consumption. The study aims to explore the relationship between diet and happiness.

In 2023, New Jersey ranks 5th in fruit and vegetable consumption among US states. However, it also has the 11th most fast food places per capita.

Weight Watchers, vegetarian, and vegan diets emerge as the most popular diet preferences among residents, reflecting a growing interest in health-conscious lifestyles. Alcohol consumption in the state seems quite moderate (27th).

New Jersey has a strong affinity for Italian cuisine, with Italian restaurants being the most popular restaurant type in the state. Chick-fil-A is the most preferred fast-food restaurant, while Monster Energy is the most popular soda.

The state loves eating out and food delivery, ranking 5th in related food spending. Yet, New Jerseyans also appreciate home-cooked meals. The amount spent on food eaten at home ranks 4th highest in the nation at $290.11, showcasing a genuine love for both dining in and out.

“We’re pleased to announce that New Jersey holds the 4th position in the 2023 Happy Eating state rankings. New Jerseyans share the belief that the more food you eat (in a variety of ways), the happier you are,” said Nadzeya Sankovich, VP of Communications at Health Reporter.

The 2023 Happy Eating rating provides valuable insights into the intricate relationship between dietary behaviors and overall happiness. New Jersey’s strong performance in healthy and happy eating indicators shows its commitment to wellness in its own unique way.

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