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Paul DeGroot enters Morris County Commissioner race

Sets up Rematch with Commissioner Selen

MORRIS COUNTY, NJ – Paul DeGroot of Montville Township has declared his candidacy for a seat on the Morris County Board of Commissioners and submitted his petition to be eligible for the Morris County Republican Committee convention on March 4, 2023.

DeGroot, a former Passaic County Prosecutor, says he is looking to bring his law enforcement credentials to county government at a time when car thefts, robberies, and home break-ins have become serious concerns for many residents.

“Thanks to the policies of New Jersey Democrats, criminals have become emboldened and are operating with little fear of being punished for their crimes,” DeGroot said. “I don’t think we can expect much help from the state, so county government is going to have to step up to protect our residents.”

DeGroot’s entry in the Commissioner race sets up a repeat battle between him and incumbent Commissioner Tayfun Selen, whom DeGroot defeated in last year’s Republican Primary for the right to represent the GOP in the District 11 Congressional race.

“I have already shown that Commissioner Selen can be beat and that he lacks commitment to core Republican values to represent our Republican Party,” said DeGroot, a lawyer in private practice.

DeGroot said Republicans cannot take the risk of Selen running in November. “New Jersey’s Democratic Party is coming after Morris County. They will pour money and manpower into the November campaign.”

“We don’t need a weak candidate who is more concerned with taking photos with Democrats than he is with standing up for conservative Republican values,” said DeGroot, referring to Selen. “We need a County Commissioner candidate who is unafraid to take on the Democratic Party which often bashes Republican positions on important issues such as illegal immigration.”

“Commissioner Selen has little interest in working for the people of Morris County. He is more interested in propelling himself up the political ladder than fighting for conservative values,” said DeGroot, noting that Selen has gone from local office in Chatham to county office and attempted to run for Congress. During that time, said DeGroot, “Mr. Selen has amassed a totally undistinguished record.”

DeGroot said that he can bring a new perspective to the commission board, including a new focus on financial issues. He noted that while Selen is running on a stable county tax levy for the past three years, the reality is that the county budget has increased by millions, but the increases have been offset by a growth in tax ratables – a result of new construction and property inflation.

“You cannot keep increasing spending and hoping that tax ratables increase year after year to cover the costs to taxpayers. Eventually, the spending will catch up to you,” DeGroot said.

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