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Problem Solvers Caucus endorses bipartisan framework to stop government shutdown

Provides Concrete Solutions for a Way Forward

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Today, the 64 members of the bipartisan Problem Solvers Caucus Wednesday announced its endorsement of a bipartisan framework to avoid a government shutdown. 

The bipartisan framework proposes passing a continuing resolution before Sept. 30 to fund the government at the current levels through Jan. 11, 2024. 

The continuing resolution framework includes:

  • Passage of an FY24 full-year appropriations package by January 11, 2024 that adheres to the parameters and funding levels agreed upon in the Fiscal Responsibility Act.
  • The President’s funding request for Ukraine with transparency and federal disaster response.
  • A border security solution with enforcement through the 2024 calendar year. 
  • Adopting bipartisan budget process reform recommendations of the House Committee on Modernization and Joint Select Committee on Budget and Appropriations Process Reform to increase transparency, restore regular order, and prevent excessive use of CRs.
  • Creating a Fiscal Commission to review and recommend a package to stabilize long-term deficits and debt and require CBO to consider the cost of servicing the debt in its estimations. 

Problem Solvers Caucus Co-Chairs, Congressmen Brian Fitzpatrick (PA-01) and Josh Gottheimer (NJ-05) announced their support for the framework. 

“This bipartisan framework provides a roadmap to stop a government shutdown, help hard-working families, spur our economy, and protect our national security. It’s about commonsense governing over extremism — and it’s the way Washington should work,” said Problem Solvers Caucus Co-Chair Congressman Josh Gottheimer (NJ-05). “The Problem Solvers’ proposal keeps the government open, addresses our nation’s longer-term fiscal health, and includes fiscally responsible measures.”

“Our framework will prevent a government shutdown and set the Fiscal Year 2024 appropriations package at the spending levels agreed to with the passage of the bipartisan Fiscal Responsibility Act, while also making necessary reforms to the appropriations process to promote transparency and discourage the excessive use of continuing resolutions. Additionally, this framework tackles our longstanding debt and deficit issue by creating a commission to review spending packages and requiring the Congressional Budget Office to take the national debt into account when making estimations,” said Problem Solvers Caucus Co-Chair Congressman Brian Fitzpatrick (PA-01). “With divided control of Congress, solutions to issues as critical as funding the federal government demand a two-party solution, with compromises agreed to by both sides. I hope that our colleagues will consider our bipartisan framework, endorsed by the 32 Republicans and 32 Democrats in the Problem Solvers Caucus, to prevent a government shutdown. Our bipartisan caucus, who believe in building bridges and finding common ground, will continue to lead by example by building consensus in the center.”

Congressmen Don Bacon (NE-02) and Ed Case (HI-01) co-lead the Appropriations and Debt and Deficit Working Group, which is comprised of several Members of the Problem Solvers Caucus on both sides of the aisle.

“We cannot allow division and polarization to obstruct the performance of one of our most basic responsibilities: to keep our federal government running. Our framework offers a realistic path through a difficult situation to a solution that we believe can pass the House and Senate and be signed by the President,” said Congressman Ed Case (HI-01).

“A government shutdown is not an option. The middle will govern in this great country. We are American first, over party,” said Congressman Don Bacon (NE-02).

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