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Requirements for REAL ID, standard licenses and IDs revised

Federal REAL ID Modernization Act Drives Change in Proof of SSN

NEW JERSEY – Starting June 15, New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (NJMVC) customers will no longer need to present a Social Security card or other document to prove their Social Security number; instead, thanks to changes in REAL ID, proof of Social Security number may be electronically verified by NJMVC with the Social Security Administration database.

In 2019, A-4743/S-3229 was signed by Governor Murphy updating requirements for New Jersey licenses and IDs. As part of this legislation, applicants for New Jersey licenses or non-driver IDs were required to present documentary proof of their Social Security number, such as a Social Security card, W-2, or other government document.

While that law was being implemented in New Jersey, the federal REAL ID Modernization Act was passed. This Act streamlined the application process in several aspects, including the elimination of the requirement to provide documentary proof of Social Security number. The state must still verify the applicant’s Social Security number with the Social Security Administration; if the SSN and information provided do not match the SSA’s information, the application will be denied.

Accordingly, Sue Fulton, the NJMVC Chief Administrator, Monday issued the attached waiver, effective June 15, 2022. This waives the requirement for an applicant to provide documentary proof of their Social Security number (e.g., Social Security card or W-2) provided that the applicant’s Social Security number, name, and date of birth can be verified with the Social Security Administration. The NJMVC currently performs that verification electronically during the applicant’s in-person license or ID transaction.

This waiver applies not only to REAL ID licenses and IDs, but to standard New Jersey licenses and IDs as well.

For more information on the requirements for a standard or REAL ID license or non-driver ID in New Jersey, visit

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