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St. Luke’s pediatric orthopedic surgeon introduces new leg-lengthening device to region

Michael Perrott and his family smile as they praise Dustin Greenhill, MD, a pediatric orthopedic surgeon at St. Luke’s University Health Network, who provided expert and personalized care over the last several years that improved the teenager’s life immeasurably.

In February 2022, the East Stroudsburg teen became the region’s first patient to be treated with the “Precice” leg lengthening device that Dr. Greenhill introduced to St. Luke’s and the Lehigh Valley. This one-of-a-kind innovation consists of a magnetized lengthening device inserted into the leg, which, when activated by an external controller, stimulates gradual bone growth inside the limb.

(Photo: Michael Perrott. Credit | St. Luke’s)

The growth of Michaels’ femur (leg bone) was stunted by a surgery done elsewhere to remove a bone cyst near his growth plate. After Dr. Greenhill surgically placed the “Precice” rod into Michael’s femur, his mother operated the controller thrice daily for several minutes each time. Within a month of daily treatments, Michael’s leg grew more than an inch to equal his left leg.

“He’s awesome!” says the still-growing youth, who can now stand straight, without pain, and enjoy going out for a run after spending hours immersed in gaming or drawing hobbies at home.

Dr. Greenhill, who joined St. Luke’s just over one year ago, introduces some of the most complex, life-enhancing orthopedic technology and procedures to the greater Lehigh Valley region to correct young patients’ medical anomalies and/or repair serious injuries. He’s humble about the advanced skills that he developed during specialty training and caring for patients at some of the nation’s most respected, advanced orthopedic centers before joining St. Luke’s University Health Network.

He’s inspired each day to use them and give hope to patients and their families, many facing the travails of their children’s physical challenges.

“My goal is to give parents and their children peace of mind when facing orthopedic issues. If there is a problem, I want the trajectory of their life ahead to be better than when they came to see me,” says Dr. Greenhill, who joined St. Luke’s after treating patients in Philadelphia and Texas.

He has kept his vow to Michael and his mother, Kadedra Jackson-Reyes, twice in the past three years.

When this young patient needed surgery to straighten a spine curved 75 degrees by scoliosis in 2019, Dr. Greenhill performed that complicated procedure, which added 1-2 inches and enabled him to sit and walk straight and comfortably.

“He puts his patients first, and makes the parents feel important by answering all their questions,” she says of her son’s gifted healer.

Now, thanks to Dr. Greenhill and the “Precice” rod, Michael’s legs are equal in length and his height has reached 5’11”. He recently started college at East Stroudsburg University, majoring in Art & Design.

He comes back routinely to see Dr. Greenhill to ensure his bone continues to develop normally, walking tall and straight into his office with his mother at his side, both of them beaming smiles that say thank you.

“We are so glad we found him,” says the grateful mother of three. “We love Dr. Greenhill.”

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