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Warren County celebrates excellence in education, congratulates grads

WARREN COUNTY, NJ – The Warren County Board of County Commissioners congratulates Warren County’s 2023 graduating classes and thanks all the faculty and staff of the county’s schools who facilitated another great school year.

“I want to extend my heartfelt congratulations to all students, teachers, and staff on successfully navigating another year of learning and growth,” Commissioner Director Lori Ciesla said. “The end of the school year is a time to reflect on the milestones achieved, the knowledge gained, and the friendships forged.”

“A strong education system is the cornerstone of a thriving community, it equips our young minds with the tools necessary to become tomorrow’s leaders, innovators, and change-makers, and it empowers individuals to realize their full potential and contribute meaningfully to society. On behalf of the Warren County Board of County Commissioners I want to wish everyone a restful and rejuvenating summer as we look forward to another year of educational excellence in Warren County,” Ciesla said.

On the evening of Thursday, June 8, all six Warren County high schools came together to celebrate the “Top Ten” students from each respective school. Warren County is honored to be the only county in the State of New Jersey that celebrates its students with an annual Top Ten Banquet, which was at Hawk Pointe Golf Club in Washington this year.

According to Dr. Rosalie Lamonte, Interim Executive County Superintendent for Warren County, “The Top Ten event highlights the outstanding achievements of our Warren County students and is a testament to the academic excellence and extracurricular opportunities that are fostered in all of our county school districts.”

Commissioner Jason J. Sarnoski gave a special congratulations to each school’s Top 10, saying, “Warren County is very proud of you and your accomplishments; we wish you all the best as you go forward to create your futures. Your commitment to excellence, both inside and outside the classroom, is a testament to your remarkable potential.”

“As you embark on this new chapter, remember that education is a lifelong pursuit, and the skills you have acquired will serve as a solid foundation for your future endeavors. Embrace challenges, chase your dreams, and always strive for greatness. Our county believes in your abilities, and we are confident that you will go on to make a positive impact on our community and the world. Congratulations once again, and may your journey be filled with endless opportunities and success,” Sarnoski said.

Throughout their high school careers, the Top Ten from each Warren County High School have consistently displayed their commitment to their studies, setting an example for their peers with their tireless work ethic and unwavering pursuit of greatness. Their insatiable curiosity and passion for learning have propelled them to achieve extraordinary academic feats, distinguishing themselves not only as top-performing students but as role model for others.

Beyond their academic accomplishments, many have demonstrated remarkable leadership and compassion, actively engaging in various extracurricular activities and community service initiatives. They have selflessly devoted their time and energy to making a positive impact on the lives of others, embodying the true spirit of service and empathy.

From Belvidere High School, the class of 2023 Top Ten is Nathan J. Barnes, Kylie A. Crisafulli, Riley C. Denker, Rebecca A. Ferrullo, Grace S. Horvath, Julia Hubert, Ervin T. Jones V, Ellie G. Kardos, Natalie G. Meola, Camilo Sanchez-Espinosa, and Alie B. Tiedemann.

From Hackettstown High School, the class of 2023 Top Ten is Jesse Argan, Alexandra Cetani, Emma Daly, Andrew Heath, Didem Heath, Erin Magnotta, Sarah Newen, Anmol Patel, Kayla Sacco, and Sophia Smith.

From North Warren Regional High School, the class of 2023 Top Ten is Anthony Genincasa, Logan Bennett, Emalee Besser, Kyla Gillen, Jessica Huff, Faith Leverett, Nicholas Licata, Savannah Pereira, Alaina Shramko, and Laura Topolski.

From Phillipsburg High School, the class of 2023 Top Ten is Justin J. Black, Jeanus-Luc D. Canlapan, Jake J. Delesky, Vincent A. Demaisip, Keya Gulati, Richard J. Kloecker III, Dylan C. Melsky, Kishan H. Patel, Jacob J. Bosch, and Dylan J. Work.

From Warren County Technical School, the class of 2023 Top Ten is Mofopefoluwa Akanni, Emily Coopersmith, Joshua Lanfrank, Josiah Laubach, Ashley Payne, Madison Pietro, Riley Proper, Elizabeth Sandlin, Alexander Sohl, and Tatum Vece.

From Warren Hills Regional High School, the class of 2023 Top Ten is Lana Clesca, Gabrielle Fama, Hanora Finnegan, Mia Nisivoccia, Antonio Rivera, Sofia Schiano, Allison Slovak, Zachary Taranto, Ivanna Viznovych, and Samuel Wetenhall.

During his welcome speech at the 2023 Top Ten Banquet, Hackettstown High School principal Kyle S. Sosnovik noted “All the student here tonight pushed themselves to not only strive for excellence but to achieve it, and tonight is the fruit of their labor. It is easy to want to do something or to say that you will do something, but to set a goal and execute is a different story. The steadfast determination to achieve at such a high level over your high school careers is inspiring.”

The inspiration and dedication to excellence in education doesn’t stop at Warren County’s graduates. The 2023 Warren County Teacher of the Year Daryl Detrick has formed a Warren County Teacher of the Year (WCTOY) cohort, comprised of recipients from across the county to generate ideas that will continue to push education in the county forward.

Detrick, who teaches Computer Science at Warren Hills, commented, “It is an honor to be recognized as the 2023 Warren County Teacher of the Year, but there are so many others who are dedicated to positively impacting the lives of our students. The WCTOY cohort hopes to collaborate with stakeholders across the county to show that we value education and find ways to celebrate the amazing students, teachers and educational programs we have in Warren County.”

On Monday, June 12, members of the WCTOY cohort met with Commissioner James R. Kern. Afterwards Commissioner Kern said, “I am thrilled to celebrate the excellence in our schools and the incredible achievements of our students and teachers. Education is the bedrock of our society and we should empower students to unlock their full potential and contribute to the betterment of our community. We are nurturing a generation of bright minds prepared to lead and succeed in this ever-changing world. Speaking with some of Warren County’s top educators I am continually impressed with their passion and dedication to our students. Together, let us recognize and honor the dedication of our educators, the resilience of our students, and the invaluable role education plays in shaping a prosperous future for all.”

“Congratulations again to all 2023 Warren County graduates and the Top Ten from each high school, and once again thank you to the parents, teachers, and other professionals who enable the student of Warren County to succeed,” the commissioners said.

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