Do You Have Word Of Mouth You Can Control?

At WRNJ, We believe these three statements are true:

  1. Branding is the most effective way to advertise
  2. The most effective way to brand is from hearing a message
  3. The most effective way to get your message heard is through Radio.

“Why do coke and pepsi still advertise?”

Coke and Pepsi still advertise because branding is the most effective way to advertise.  This means that when your customers think about your product or business type, they think of you first!

In 1904, Ivan Pavlov won a Nobel Prize for the work he did with his famous dogs.  Most of us recognize the term ‘Pavlov’s Dog.’  Ivan would consistently ring a bell every time he fed his dogs.  He wouldn’t feed his dog without ringing a bell, and wouldn’t ring the bell without feeding his dog.  Soon Ivan’s dogs would salivate at the mere ringing of the bell.  This is top-of-the-mind awareness.  No insult intended, but your potential customers are your dogs, you are Pavlov, WRNJ is the bell, and your commercial is the ringing.

Even if you think that everyone already knows who you are…then why not thank them for being customers, or better yet keep them informed about what’s new in your store and remind them why you should be on the top of their minds.  Pepsi and Coke still do it!

“two all beef patties…”

Think about all of the songs you never intended to remember, but you do!  Or how about Chevy’s “Like A Rock.”  Or Motel 6’s “We’ll leave the light on for you.”  These are all ways that businesses get you to remember them, through echoic retention (hearing something and remembering it).

The government even recognizes the power of hearing something and remembering it.  In 1969 the U.S. government told big tobacco they could no longer speak a word of advertising.  They permitted them to have as many prints ad’s, billboards, etc that they would like, but big tobacco could no longer speak a word of advertising.
People still can finish the tag line “Winston tastes good, like a …”

But can you remember what Winstons latest print ad was?  (By the way, it’s “Winston tastes good, like a cigarette should.)

(Also note that Pavlov used a sound and not a picture when enticing his dogs)

“do you want 20 new customers by the end of the month…sorry”

No one can ever guarantee you results in advertising, so the only thing WRNJ can guarantee is that your commercials will play on the air.  Because of the strong message of branding through hearing the message, we think the odds are pretty good that you’ll see results…here are some of the reasons why:

We have listener loyalty. For thirty years WRNJ has provided the area with local weather, local news, traffic, sports, school closings.  People listen to us in their cars, homes, and jobs.  We work hard to provide our listeners (and your customers) with a trusting place to stop their radio dial.

We are involved in the community. Over the years and with the help of businesses and non-profit organizations we have raised well over a million dollars for local individuals, families, and charities.

You send a one-on-one message to all of our listeners that is personable and intimate.  Know that everyone hearing your commercial on WRNJ has the potential to come to your store.

Often times with other advertising mediums, a certain number of people may just be out of your reach, or physically too far away to actually come to your store.  When you advertise with WRNJ, you advertise to people in your backyard, and you shout yourmessage from the rooftops.

Visit your customers and potential customers wherever they are.  Everyday it’s like we sit down at the kitchen table with a cup of coffee and chat with each one of our listeners.  Commercials are like our advertisers who drop by  to have a quick cup.